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Accolade of Talent- 28th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Splendor, glamour, vintage opulence, richese..yes…all of it in one night. The temperatures are to soar higher on April 19th as we wait with bated breath for the 27th Annual Hong Kong Film Awards ceremony.

Chairman of the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild and organizer of the Hong Kong Film Awards, Gordon Chan said that performing guests would include Ronald Cheng Chung Kei, Denise Ho, Kary Ng. The late Lydia Shum Din Ha will be awarded a Professional Spirit Award.

The revered guests for the evening who will be distributing the award include Shu Qi, Aaron Kwok Fu Sing, Gigi Leung Wing Kei etc. Several luminary ladies will wear sponsored designer attires for the awards ceremony, most of which would be magnificent gowns to set the milieu. Karen Mok Man Wai will wear Roberto Cavalli, Miriam Yeung Chin Wah will wear Yves Saint Laurent, Charlene Choi will wear Kenzo, Gigi Leung Wing Kei will wear Loewe and Carol Dodo Cheng Yu Ling will wear Chanel. Well, that upping the glam factor as well as the fashion quotient…whatsay?

“The first round of selections” will bring about the Awards nomination list voted by qualified personnels. Among those who have nominated, the award for the Best Actor would be a decision to make between two top choices, Donnie Yen and Tony Leung for exceptional performances in their recent movies.

The venue for the Film Awards Presentation Ceremony is the Hong Kong Cultural Center and the Film Development Foundation has allocated 5,850,800 U.S. dollars to organize the event. The broadcast rights for this year has been granted to the Television Broadcasts Limited and Television Hong Kong. So catch the stars on 19th April….!

Baai baai!

Nominations for the categories are given below:

Best Film

-The Way We Are (prods: Ann Hui & Wong Yat Ping)
-Red Cliff (prods: Terence Chang & John Woo)
-CJ 7 (prods: Stephen Chow, Chui Po Chu, Han San Ping, Vincent Kok, Shi Dong Ming, Connie Wong)
-Painted Skin (prod: Gordon Chan Ka Seung)
-Ip Man (prod: Raymond Wong Pak Ming)

Best Asian Film

-If You Are The One (China)
-Cape No. 7 (Taiwan)
-Suspect X (Japan)
-Forever Enthralled (China)
-Assembly (China)

Best Director

-Ann Hui On Wah (The Way We Are)
-Johnnie To Kei Fung (Sparrow)
-John Woo (Red Cliff)
-Benny Chan (Connected)
-Yip Wai Shun (Ip Man)

Best New Director

-Derek Kwok (The Moss)
-Heiward Mak (High Noon)
-Ivy Ho (Claustrophobia)

Best Actor

-Louis Koo (Run Papa Run)
-Simon Yam (Sparrow)
-Tony Leung Chiu Wai (Red Cliff)
-Nick Cheung Ka Fai (The Beast Stalker)
-Donnie Yen (Ip Man)

Best Actress

-Paw Hee Ching (The Way We Are)
-Prudence Liew (True Women For Sale)
-Barbie Hsu (Connected)
-Zhou Xun (Painted Skin)
-Karena Lam (Claustrophobia)

Best Supporting Actor

-Zhang Feng Yi (Red Cliff)
-Stephen Chow (CJ 7)
-Liu Kai Chi (The Beast Stalker)
-Lam Ka Tung (Ip Man)
-Fan Sui Wong (Ip Man)

Best Supporting Actress

-Nora Miao (Run Papa Run)
-Chan Lai Wun (The Way We Are)
-Zhao Wei (Red Cliff)
-Race Wong (True Women For Sale)
-Sun Li (Painted Skin)

Best New Performer

-Monica Mok (Ocean Flame)
-Zhang Yu Qi (All About Women)
-Juno Leung (The Way We Are)
-Lin Chi Ling (Red Cliff)
-Xu Jiao (CJ 7)

Best Screenplay

-Susan Chan Suk Yin, Sylvia Chang, Mathias Woo (Run Papa Run)
-Lou Shiu Wa (The Way We Are)
-Gordon Chan Ka Seung, Lau Ho Leung & Kwong Man Wai (Painted Skin)
-Jack Ng & Dante Lam (The Beast Stalker)
-Ivy Ho (Claustrophobia)

Best Cinematography

-Tony Cheung (Three Kingdoms, Resurrection of the Dragon)
-Cheng Siu Keung (Sparrow)
-Lu Yue & Zhang Li (Red Cliff)
-Arthur Wong Ngok Tai (Painted Skin)
-O Sing P ui (Ip Man)

Best Film Editing

-David Richardson (Sparrow)
-Angie Lam, Robert A. Ferretti & Yang Hong Yu (Red Cliff)
-Yau Chi Wai (Connected)
-Chan Ki Hop (The Beast Stalker)
-Cheung Ka Fai (Ip Man)

Best Original Film Score

-Henry Lai (Three Kingdoms, Resurrection of the Dragon)
-Xavier Jamaux, Fred Avril (Sparrow)
-Taro Iwashiro (Red Cliff)
-Fujiwara Ikuro (Painted Skin)
-Kenji Kawai (Ip Man)

Best Original Film Song

-Flying With Dreams (An Empress And The Warriors)
-L For Love, L For Lies
-Red Cliff
-Painted Skin
-Eternal Love (Missing)

Best Art Direction

-Daniel Lee & Horace Ma (Three Kingdoms, Resurrection of the Dragon)
-Yee Chung Man & Ben Lau (An Empress And The Warriors)
-Tim Yip (Red Cliff)
-Bill Lui Cho Hung (Painted Skin)
-Kenneth Mak (Ip Man)

Best Costume & Make Up Design

-Thomas Chong & Wong Ming Ha (Three Kingdoms, Resurrection of the Dragon)
-Willam Chang Suk Ping (All About Women)
-Yee Chung Man & Dora Ng (An Empress And The Warriors)
-Tim Yip (Red Cliff)
-Ng Po Ling (Painted Skin)

Best Action Choreography

-Sammo Hung (Three Kingdoms, Resurrection of the Dragon)
-Corey Yuen (Red Cliff)
-Lee Chung Chi (Connected)
-Stephen Tung Wai (Painted Skin)
-Sammo Hung & Leung Siu Hung (Ip Man)

Best Visual Effects

-Craig Hayes (Red Cliff)
-Eddy Wong, Victor Wong & Ken Law (CJ 7)
-Ho Siu Lun (Missing)
-Ng Yuen Fai, Chas Chau Chi Shing & Tam Kai Kwan (Painted Skin)
-Henri Wong (Ip Man)

Best Sound Design

-Wu Jiang & Roger Savage (Red Cliff)
-Chris Goodes & Sam Wong (Connected)
-Kinson Tsang & Lai Chi Hung (Painted Skin)
-Phyllis Cheng, Nip Kei Wing & David Wong (The Beast Stalker)

-Kinson Tsang (Ip Man)

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